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MEADANGELS Ambassadors


MEADANGELS Ambassadors

About Us

The Ambassadors are the main advisory body of parishioners to the pastor.


Hand shake photoWhat We Do

The council is a requirement in the Archdiocese of Denver and serves the pastor in a consultative capacity. Members must be practicing Catholics in good standing with the Church.



  • Garrett Adrian
  • Janine Bailey
  • Kris Barnett
  • Alan Bracken
  • Marsha Brichacek
  • Denise Bustamante
  • Lou Bustamante
  • Rich Chopyak
  • Laura Davis
  • Norm Finke
  • Susie Finke
  • Ann Grenzenbach
  • Sandy Gross
  • Alyx Hamilton
  • Angie McCann
  • Deacon Tim McCann
  • Shannon McKinney
  • Shawn McPeek
  • Linda O’Hare
  • Ginny Staiano
  • Karen Surbrugg
  • Jeff Yuska


Join Us

If you’re passionate about making a difference, become a MEADANGELS Ambassador.


Benefits of Joining

Experience joy, form connections, and make a positive impact.

Where to Find Us

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Faith Outreach

Join us in exploring faith, community, and service. From Bible study to community service projects, there's something for everyone. Take the next step in your spiritual journey today.

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