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What are Sacraments

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As Catholics, we believe that the sacraments are, as St. Augustine put it, outward and visible signs of inward and invisible grace. Outwardly, the sacraments involve words and physical matter and actions, while inwardly they are the direct means by which we experience God’s grace in our lives. The sacraments are far more than mere rituals, or symbols of events that happened long ago; rather, they are a vital source of the help that God freely offers to aid us in our journey of faith.


Each of the seven sacraments was instituted by Jesus Christ, and they are the primary way for us to engage in our faith and grow in our relationship with God. The Father gave his Son out of absolute and perfect love for us, and in the sacraments we encounter the Son’s self-giving love. As we participate in the Church’s liturgies and receive the sacraments, the Holy Spirit works in us to make us more like Jesus.


The sacraments are at the heart of our Catholic faith, and we want to encourage you to receive the sacraments as often as you are able. If you have any questions or would like to receive any of the sacraments, please contact the parish office and we would be happy to assist you.



Saving waters that bring the Holy Spirit and welcomes Catholics into the Church.


Being sealed and strengthened by the gift of the Holy Spirit to be a living witness to Christ.


Receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ under the appearance of bread and wine.



Experiencing God’s mercy exercised through the ministry of priests.


Bringing spiritual and sometimes, physical strength in times of illness or impending death



A sacred union celebrating the covenant between a man and woman as husband and wife.


Sets men apart for a life of ministry in service of Christ’s bride, the Church.

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