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Along with the MEADANGELS Ambassadors, the Finance Council is the main advisory body of parishioners to the pastor. They are mandated by Canon Law and governed by the diocesan norms of the Pastoral Handbook (available on line), Parts 7-11. They are entrusted with the stewardship of parish properties and all funds. Members are appointed by the pastor for three years terms, renewable; they must be Catholics in good standing with the Church. They meet on the second Thursday of the

Knights of columbus is an international Catholic men's organization offering insurance and social support for Catholic men. They meet the second Tuesday of the month in Bakhita Hall at 7:00 pm. They are engaged in service projects for the parish and in charity work for the community. You must be 18+ to join. All men in the parish are invited. Please contact the office.

  The Women's Group provides Donut Weekends, First Communion and Confirmation receptions, funeral dinners, and other events for the parish.  We host an annual Chili Bingo fundraiser in February.  We offer a yearly women's retreat, prayer request lists, and facilitate donations for our community.  We strive to be women of prayer, integrity, and generosity of spirit, using our God-given talents for the benefit of all. Please join us - all women of Guardian Angels are our members. Women's Group Officers        Ann

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RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Interested in becoming Catholic or know someone who is. Are you a Catholic and have not completed all of your sacraments as an adult, then this program is for you. Guardian Angels Catholic parish offers both Adult and youth RCIA programs. Our Adult RCIA candidates meet with Deacon Tim and fellow parish volunteers as well as attend weekly encounter with the teachings of the Catholic Faith. This program prepares all candidates to receive