"In the sight of angels I will sing your praises, Lord" (Psalm 138)

Drawing of Guardian Angels Church in Mead ColoradoGuardian Angels Roman Catholic Church

Mead, Colorado – Archdiocese of Denver

Dear Friends and Families of Guardian Angels Parish,

Because of your generosity and good stewardship, our little parish is taking a major step forward into our future. We are really going to be spreading our wings. Oktoberfest Weekend will be very exciting this year, because on Sunday, October 2nd immediately following our unity Mass, we will break ground for our new Church Center. Please save the date! You’ll want to be there. A planning committee for this celebration is already at work to make this a memorable event for the parish.

Our Capital Campaign, “Spreading our Wings!”, is bearing fruit that everyone will see. The next year of construction will be a very exciting and busy time for us. Our parish will come together even more closely to do the work of the Gospel!

Jesus uses so many agricultural images in His parables about sowing.  By opening this site ground and blessing it, we are planting a seed of blessings that will become our new building, where love and peace will find a home. By gathering together, we will welcome Jesus who comes to break open our worn and hardened hearts so that He might plant in us the seed of the Word of God. As we expand, we ask God to bless the work of our hands, to prosper us for the greater honor and glory of God.

Just as the Precious Blood of Jesus fell from His open side on the Cross to the earth, so too may we grow in the practice of His compassion for everyone and become in this new building even more mature disciples. Let our hearts be made open to welcome His life that saves us in His blood.

There are many people to thank. They’re making all this possible. First and foremost, all the parishioners who have pledged and are keeping their pledges; but also Karen Rademacher, chair of the Design Committee, Denise and Louise Bustamante, chairing the Capital Campaign Committee, Norm Finke, chair of our Finance Council, and Kathy O’Leary, Pastoral Council Chair. These leaders with their groups are doing a great job. The parish is furthermore grateful to the Women’s Group and the Knights of Columbus for their service and community building.

We’ve come a long way since 1911, and we going to go even further!  Faith is alive and well here in Berthoud and Mead. We’re going to be using the song “All Are Welcome” from the hymnal a lot; its opening words are “Let us build a house where love can dwell …”. God is love! What we do creates a sacred space to worship God, and then filled with every grace to set our hands to the work God gives us to do – the corporal works of mercy!  Let us praise God in the company of the holy angels.

I’m very excited to be a part of this moment in your history. I know God is blessing us. Thank you for your participation.

Gratefully yours,
Fr Alan Hartway, CPPS